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    Product service
    Difficult solution

    Principle: to customer interests, to repair processing, analysis, and liability.

    1、 Processing method

        ①、Purchased parts quality issue. Report to production by the production manager and supplier contact, timely send technical engineer with tools to check parts warehouse, identify problems and then to customer for repair.

        ②、Home-made parts (including Waixiejiagong ) quality problems. Ensure that customers in the use of the quality of the premise, to repair, fix, do change. Requests for technical personnel on-site work notes and photographs are damaged, cause analysis of treatment method, recording, have improvement, back to the factory after a case report.

        ③、Customer employee improper operation. Patient and meticulous explain the reason, put forward a reliable solution, time pilot operation, serious friendly education guidance, training.

    2、Job summary

          Production manager, customer service center directors to after sale service problems in organization in first-line service personnel, first-line production staff or supply staff ( at least no less than once per month ) to sum up experience, share technology, jointly improve. The production technology can not solve the problem, production director in accordance with the relevant provisions department coordination, invited the chief engineer for technical guidance, solve, can never make recurring issues, corporate reputation and image effects.

    3、Liability retroact

        ①、Leadership responsibility tracing object:

    Chief engineer, production director, the Center Engineer (including quality inspection ), production department, customer service leadership service center on the normal, multiple attitude, technical problems Jiuzhi not " more ", long procrastinate not definitely;

        ②、Employee liability traceability object:

        Post operation staff due to irresponsible work, skill is not enough, the product or process defects are customer complaints;

        After sale service personnel do not listen to instructions, not by " after sale service manual " requirements of work, leading to service failure;

        Quality inspection quality inspection standards resulted in implementation of product defect.

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