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    About Us
    Distribution franchise

    Basic conditions for the joining of mechanical and electrical company

    1.on the cause of the machine tool industry is full of confidence, and willing to work with the long-term development of machine tools, a good business philosophy.

    2.Electrical and mechanical company is working well, there is enough capital strength, the ability to invest in the construction of Shenyang Machine Tool franchise stores or special shops and ensure ample liquidity.

    3.to have the construction of a franchise store or a special site, the site must comply with the planning.

    4.good management team and agree with the management idea and sales model of Shenyang machine tool.

    In line with the above conditions of the pre joining electrical and mechanical company will business license and tax registration certificate in the form of pictures sent to my company tzshengong@163.com, the company will make a reply within 2 working days.

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