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    • One, processing deformity and eccentric part to want to pay attention to what kind of safety matters?

      Processing of deformity and eccentric parts, generally use the disk clamping fixture the workpiece. Therefore, we must pay attention to the installation of card. The claw plate, don't put your disk outside diameter, best equipped with shield. Second, to pay attention to the eccentric part of the match

      Heavy. With important appropriate. The hole diameter and the diameter of screw gap smaller weight. Machine tool rotation speed is not too high, to prevent rotation of

      the centrifugal force in the weight shift, and machine tool guideway

      collide, broken screws, injuring the operator.

      Two, machine tool equipment operation system should meet what safety requirements?

      1, easy to operate, reduce the walking back and forth, to avoid unnecessary bending, tiptoe movement.

      2, accurate and reliable positioning, to prevent a slight vibration will produce false action.

      3, the movement direction of the machine tool equipment operation and the movement direction of the operated part are to be in accordance with the regulations, and there are simple signs.

      4, install the necessary interlocking mechanism and prevent operation have uncoordinated movements, and many people operation uncoordinated accident.

      5. The structure and arrangement of the handle, the hand wheel, the button are in accordance with the regulations. The start button should be installed in the casing or retaining ring is installed to prevent accidental touch. Installed in the shaft on the handwheel, handle, the automatic feed, with the rotation of the shaft wounding. Therefore, it is necessary to install the automatic extrusion device.

      Three, prevention of chip damage to the human body of the safety measures?

      1, According to the nature of the material being processed, changing the cutting tool angle or increasing the chip breaking device, selecting the appropriate feed rate, cutting off the strip chip into a short roll or a piece of chip.

      2, In the tool installed on the chip, or install shield, baffle plate on the machine tool, the control chip flow, harmless.

      3, high speed cutting cast iron, copper and aluminum materials, in addition to the shield is installed on a machine, a baffle plate, the operator should equipped with protective glasses.

      4, the use of iron tools to remove places and work on the machine, to prevent the injury of hand, foot, do not hand to picking iron.

      Four, machine tool equipment, which is the role of the four kinds of safety device is what?

      1, protective device. To isolate the rotating part of the operator and the machine, the charged part and the harmful substances produced in the process. As the belt cover, gear cover, electric iron cover, baffle, protective railings etc..

      2, insurance device. Used to improve the reliability of machine tool equipment. When a component failure or overload, insurance device

      To do, quickly stop the work of the equipment or turn into the empty run. Such as stroke limit device, friction clutch, etc..

      3, interlocking device. Control machine tool operation sequence, to avoid the action of the accident. Such as lathe screw and rod can not simultaneously move, etc., are to be installed electrical or mechanical interlocking device to control.

      4, signal device. Used to indicate the operation of the machine equipment, or when the machine equipment is abnormal, the color, sound and other signals, to remind the operator to take emergency measures to deal with. If the light, buzzer, bell etc..

      Five, the operator should pay attention to what security matters?

      1, work before wearing good clothes, tie up the cuffs, wearing a good working hat. Forbidden to wear gloves.

      2, carefully check all parts of the equipment and protective cover, limit block, insurance screws and other safety devices are in good condition.

      3, the device must be firmly and effectively to ground zero, the local lighting lamp for 36V voltage.

      4, before working in the hole, oil lubrication, idling test confirmed that no fault can work.

      5, machine tool operation, not to check the surface of the workpiece surface finish and measure the workpiece size.

      6, when the card parts, the plate hand to meet the requirements, and shall not add the casing to increase the torque to tighten the nut.

      7, must not use hand winding emery cloth to polish rotating parts.

      8, the high-speed rotation of the eccentric workpiece or deformed workpiece to add the weight, and balance test, and the prominent part of the shield.

      9, the replacement of gear, loading and unloading fixture must cut off the power, to stop the stability can be carried out

      10, automatically go to the knife, adjust and tighten the stroke limit, and set aside the feed pistol.

      11, after work, will all walk the knife handle on neutral setting, pull down the switch, and wiping cleaning machine.

    • NC machine tools need to be based on the instruction of CNC system, automatic completion of the feed rate, spindle speed, props and other machine tools, as well as other machine tools (such as automatic tool change, automatic cooling) control. It must use the servo feed system instead of the ordinary machine tool's feed system, and can realize the automatic transmission of the main shaft through the main shaft speed control system. Therefore, in the mechanical structure, numerical control machine tool spindle box, feed box structure is generally very simple; gear, shaft type parts, bearing the number is reduced; motor can be directly connected to the spindle and ball screw, gear; in the use of linear motor, electric spindle, even can not lead screw, spindle box. In operation, it is not like ordinary machine tools, the need for the operator to adjust and speed through the handle, the operating mechanism than ordinary machine tools to be simple, many machine tools and even no manual mechanical operation system.

      In addition, because the majority of the numerical control machine tool can be controlled by the aid of numerical control system (M skills), therefore, the commonly used buttons are less than ordinary machine tools.

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